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Artisan Platter Catering


The Grazing Platters team are driven by our creative vision of deliciously different and distinctively imaginative food, presented with our unique sense of creative style and flair.


We love assembling high quality produce into beautiful, mouth watering grazing platters. We work hard to find the best seasonal produce to assemble unique grazing platters and tables for your event. We enjoy connecting the style of our grazing tables to the individual settings, clients and concepts and are continually rethinking and reviewing to keep our ideas fresh. Grazing platters and tables are an excellent option for product launches. The beauty of our grazing platters and tables is that there is something for everyone, for all dietary requirements and it looks deliciously abundant.

Grazing Platters 01

Event catering in Adelaide


Grazing Platters catering and event styling services are engaged by a wide range of clientele in Adelaide, from corporate organisations to family gatherings. The events we cater and help you create are tailored and quoted on a case by case basis, as we understand each event is not only about the food and beverages, but also requires the right venue, event styling and entertainment to meet your specific requirements. The Grazing Platters team will work with you on your event, from conception to completion, in order to exceed your expectations.

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Corporate Catering


For corporate events, we understand the style and quality of catering reflects directly on your brand. Our event team are here to make sure you look good. Our platters and grazing table stand out as something different and something to remember.

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Great value menu


Our grazing platters and tables are perfectly suited to the Adelaide corporate office building with requirements for one-off, daily or weekly catering deliveries. Whether you are entertaining clients, feeding your staff or catering an off-site event, our menus offer something for everyone. We have built a system to make your catering order requirements as streamlined and fuss free as possible. So you can concentrate on what matters most.

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Platters Plus Quality


Grazing Platters was established to bring quality authentic food experience to an area that has been neglected in Adelaide. Our emphasis is on presentation and above all original and unprocessed ingredients. From organic sources where possible. At the same time serving delicious, gourmet food that we hope sets a standard that others will want to emulate.

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Platters Plus Style


We can tailor your event to be as casual, elegant, or extravagant as you wish. Our services are also flexible in terms of whether you’d like a fully staffed event complete with an on site team of chefs and wait staff, or a more modest affair whereby we drop-off the food to you ready-to-serve, and your guests are able to help themselves.

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Our Artisan Grazing Tables


Grazing tables are the perfect way to serve food at your event and it’s a great way to impress your guests! The self-service table is a much lighter and more elegant alternative to a buffet, but rest assured, for those who wish to indulge their appetite and not just their eyes, they won't be disappointed! The food lasts longer and creates an atmosphere at your event of abundance, leaving your guests feeling like they are spoilt for choice. It is also an ideal option if your venue has limited kitchen facilities, and looks sensational indoors or out!


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